Monday, 26 September 2011

You Are Stronger Than You Know

Who says you cannot,
Tell him he is wrong.
Bigger are you, than opinions,
Much larger than you think.
What is needed but time,
Till then in patience wait.
For want of success,
You dare.
For want of glory,
Striving, you must be,
With a heart that is set,
Mind that is fixed,
Arms that are ready.

Then shall you see,
The rising of you, the inside 'you'.
High above the shadows,
Beyond views and opinions.
Everyone will then know,
When the phoenix rises,
Nothing stands in the way.
When the storms subside,
Opportunities come to play.
This is a law of life unsaid,
Are you willing to embrace?

Time is coming when,
You will rise and your problems, subdue.
Then will the sun shine, radiantly,
On your way to success and grandeur.
Imperative it is to move on - now,
For stagnation is the greatest disease.
Dynamic is the world you live in,
Thus, keep up the pace.

Leave your worries to the worrier,
For there are many - truly many.
Invest your 'you' in to edification,
For you are called to prove
That you are bigger than opinions.
You are commissioned to show,
That you are larger than your shadow.
Keep up the pace
And you shall prove so!