Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Life can be cool
Life can be good

Life can be great

Life can be sweet,

YES! But life can also be bitter.

Life can be cruel

Life can be weird

Life can be bad

Life can be sad

YES! But life can also be grand.

In all, be strong

Move on,

Even when wrong

Keep on,

Never, ever, give up.

Never! Never give up

Soar to the top

When you hear stop,

Listen, but never halt
Never! Never, ever, give up.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

" END" & "NO"

End is not the end.

In fact E.N.D is "Effort Never Dies"

and if you get NO in answer,

remember N.O is "Next Opportunity"

So always be positive in life!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Colors Of The New Year

New Year is born,
And vivid it shall be.
Holding new expectations,
Enchanted are we.
As newer goals we set,
And greater causes we pursue,
Moved are we,
With chariots of fire!
Thrilled are we,
By the promises higher!
Thus comes the New Year,
With its bundle and wonder!

To delight and taste,
Newer horizons and dreams;
With fervent desire,
Seeking are we,
Greater wisdom,
And infinite guidance to lead!
Embracing and juggling,
Fine starts and fresh chances,
Into the sunny days of life,
Would we gallantly stride!
This being the promise,
Of the bright days ahead,
Prepared are we,
For the blessed new year!

Past is past! Shall we remind?
Forward and high let us gaze,
Mistakes by scores,
We might have made,
Yet learn from them, we did.
With courage and fortitude,
Hoping are we for growth,
Armed are we to press on,
For in defeat we do not believe,
In persistence rather,
Shall be our strength,
For God loves all,
And gives each His time!
Let former setbacks bury themselves,
While newer thoughts lifting us,
Toward unseen heights and glory,
Soaring and gliding we shall be,
As flows in the New Year,
With its great colors:
Colors of Victory and Joy!