Tuesday, 6 December 2011

24 Wisdom Thoughts for 24 Hours...

  1.  Your presence is a present to the world

  2. You are unique and one of a kind

  3. Your life can be what you want it to be

  4. Take every moment as it comes

  5. Count your blessings, not your troubles

  6. Stop, Listen and then Act

  7. Within you are so many answers, ask questions

  8. Be yourself, stop imitating others

  9. Do not put limits on yourself

  10. Dream big and set it as a Goal

  11. Make Timely Decisions

  12. Do not compare yourself with others

  13. Nothing wastes more time and energy than worrying

  14. The longer you carry your problem, the heavier it gets

  15. Let go of the Ego

  16. Life is full of choices

  17. Be Energetic, Enthusiastic and Excited in life, always

  18. What you don't like, others may also not like

  19. You get what you give; give love to receive love

  20. Your thoughts are things so mind your thoughts always

  21. Realize that it is never too late to start a new thing

  22. Keep doing ordinary things meticulously to become extraordinary

  23. Remember that a little everyday adds up to big results

  24. Stop Wishing and Start Fishing means take Action Now

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Don't Let The Hope Die

What is life without salt and pepper? Of testing times and sorrows? I guess tasteless would be the word. In fact, they not only add taste to our lives, but also introduce us to new and unexplored sides of ourselves.

Looking at the bigger picture, salt and pepper situations give us an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones so that we grow, learn, fight and survive.

Life is like any other challenge. Once in, you only focus on winning and surviving, followed by happy moments when you propose a toast to victory and then get ready for another challenge.

The happy moments just mark the celebration of your survival and victory, hence are short lived. So, don't complain about lack of them in your life, for, it's the challenge that you need to focus on and not the celebration.

However tough the going may become, you need to keep going. Don't ever give up. Have faith in God, yourself and your abilities.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Make them loving, make them calm,
Never let them do any harm,
They make a difference to ones near and far,
Let your words be kind never to make a scar.

They decide your life's journey,
They get you friends so many,
Speak your words thoughtfully,
Let them make your world a melody.

Use your words to comfort the one,
Who has lost his track in the long run,
Let your words bring a smile,
Throughout life across miles.

When life's journey comes to a halt,
Let your words remain without a fault,
Let your words give an everlasting memory,
Let them carry a hope for many!!