Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Positive Vs Negative Thinking

Negative thinking will give you nothing. There is no benefit you can attain by having this negative thinking. Often we always and many times fill our mind with something negative that can endanger us. If you always put effort on negative thinking, the negative things will come to you because you focus on them. It will make you worry and feel more negative feeling. The more you think in negative way, the more negative you will be.

One of many ways to remove your negative thinking and increase your positive thinking is by changing the negative into positive thinking. Every time when you think and feel in negative way, you can change it into positive one.

Negative : everything is getting worse.
Positive : everything will be OK.

Negative : my friend breaks his promise to come to my house. He is late.
Positive : perhaps he is late because he is trapped in heavy traffic jam. He will come.

Negative : I cannot do that.
Positive : I can do that. It is easy for me.

Remember that positive thinking produces positive results and negative thinking produces negative results.