Saturday, 2 April 2011

How To Manage Anger

The stress of balancing all the elements of everyday life can sometimes get a bit much and trigger anger. Here are a few tips to help you deal with anger.

Understand your anger
There are two types of anger. External anger is more common in men. Internal anger is usually found in women and linked to frustration, disappointment and depression. Try to understand your thoughts when you feel angry.

Learn your trigger points
Be honest with yourself. Are you permanently tired and angry? Tiredness leads to irritability making us more likely to snap. It also causes depression and low moods, which can be linked to anger. If you have prolonged insomnia seek medical help. Come clean about issues or qualities in people that drive you crazy and try to recognise a pattern behind your anger.

A lot of anger comes from bottling up emotions until they overflow and spiral out of control. Be up-front with your own feelings and become more assertive. Calmly and politely tell people what upsets you before the situation escalates. Explain what makes you angry and why. Whether it's the dishwasher not being emptied, your partner not disciplining the kids, or the kids leaving their rooms a mess. Be specific. Remember people aren't mind readers.
We're so busy trying to fit everything into life it's not surprising we lose the plot. Reduce stress and anger by exercising three times a week. Working up a sweat prevents anger and is a great outlet for pent-up emotions. Pay attention to your diet, too. A healthy diet helps your body keep everything in balance. Try meditation or yoga, or just deep breathing to get yourself to a calmer space.